Aged live edge Red Oak slabs

Aged live edge Red Oak slabs

42" wide book matched White Oak slab

14 foot White Oak live edge slab

Thick cut live edge wood Slabs and Mantels:

We currently have 1000's of live edge slabs cut from White oak, red oak, Cherry, maple, black walnut, pine and poplar. The slabs have all been kiln dried and are between 6" and 70" wide, 1"-12" thick and 1'-16' in length. We also have the ability to cut book matched slabs up to 70" wide and 16' in length. Below are some example of live edge slabs that we currently have available.

Beams and Timber Frame Lumber:

We currently have a large number of pine, white oak, red oak, maple and polar logs that we can cut into beams and timbers up to 24"x24" and 16' in length.

Wood Products

 We currently have 1000's of live edge wood slabs cut and dry. The slabs are between 6" and 70" wide, 1"-12" thick and 1'-24' in length. We also can custum cut almost anything out of our large supply of logs ranging from live edge slabs up to 70" wide and 24' in length to large beams and quarter sawn oak and walnut. Onsite we also have a solar and dehumidification kiln capable of drying boards up to 12' long and down to 8% moisture content. 

Thick cut Black walnut slab

Unique slabs and pieces

Red oak slabs

Custom Wood Products, Live edge slabs, Solar Kiln, Log Home Repair and Sawmill Service

Large Pine beam

Highly figured Live Edge Red Oak Wood Slabs

Pallet of dimension lumber

4/4 White oak boards

Black walnut slabs

We currently have hundreds of logs in Black Walnut, Cherry, White and Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, Pine and Poplar.  We have logs up to 50" in diameter and 20' in length.   

Unique live edge wood slabs

Solar kiln full of live edge slabs

Quarter Sawn Red Oak Slab

34"x10' Black Walnut slabs

33"x10' Black Walnut slab

70" wide x 120" Maple Slabs with 10"x12" Maple beam

Live edge Cherry Slabs

Black walnut slabs

Live edge slabs 32"-50" wide

Pine Slabs

Black walnut slabs

Examples of wood on site

Book matched Walnut wood slabs